horse gym treadmill improves your horse's top line and your farm's bottom line!

horse-gym is the perfect solution if you want to:
    * retrain an injured horse.
    * improve flexibility
    * improve flexibility & strength of the back & hindquarter muscles of your horse.
    * build up the top line of the horse.
    * get a young horse started.
    * keep your competition horse in shape.
    * have an accurate observation for medical or farrier purposes on the way each horse is walking/stepping.

do you think only mclain and sapphire should have a horse gym>

no .... all horses can benefit from

no .... all horses can benefit from the treadmill and most farms also find it to be very valuable to their bottom line  it saves you man hours, adds value to your horse, helps to prevent injury, and can generate income as well. 

if you want to have the same advantage that over 300 farms have by owning a horse gym treadmill of your own give me a call and we can work on a business plan to see if it makes sense for you as well.

jill townsend  561-818-0049

click here for more information on horse gym treamills

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