indigo is with michael and us to get ready for a show career.  he is buffalo soldier's full brother and he still needs some life experiences before he goes out on his own.  as you can see from the pictures he has all of the talent that is needed to be one of the best.  he is owned and bred by nancy reed of land's end farm in md.

indigo enjoys his regular visits to the lake to swim with fredrico.  it has given him a lot of confidence in trying something new. 

schooling at the butchard's lovely farm.....
indigo at his first horse show ... a local schooling show where he was champion small/ medium pony hunter.  almost ready for the "big time"
indigo went to his first "a" show and won the model, one of the fence classes, and showed what a spectacular jumper he is .... the beginning of what looks to be an amazing show career!

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