Monty, Sammy & Pippa

We have a new boarder ... a little different from the welsh ponies we usually get from England ... This is a Gypsy Vanner Horse ... and he is a gentle soul.  He will stay with us till the new barn and facilities are finished in the Bahamas.  We are enjoying him and his owner Pippa with us at Winter Heaven Farm..

Sammy has joined us as well ... he is a character .. the kids love riding him and really love to watch him do his tricks.

He just might win the hack too .... :) 

Click  to watch Pippa Driving Monty 

 Click  to watch Michael and Sammy doing tricks!

Abigail and Garret having fun on Monty

Sammy doing his tricks!
Peter and Pippa came for a visit and to see Sammy (sitting) and Monty.