Koren Cole & Promise Land "Moses"
Koren and Moses are gearing up this year preparing to come out in 2011 in the Large Green Pony Hunters at WEF.  They are enjoying a lot of success at our local PBCHA circuit while honing their skills.  With Renick off to college it is very fun to have Koren, who's mom Lynne is a long time family friend, part of the team.  
2011 has arrived and is flying by .... Moses and Koren had a very successful winter/spring season.  We thank Renick, Maggie, Syd and Barbara for all of their help with making sure Moses had a wonderful start and became the confident pony he has grown into.  Koren showed Moses to success as well as their first ever away show being Reserve Champion in KY before Pony Finals.  We had a great 4th place ribbon in the model out of 70+ ponies with little bobbles in the hack and fences.  all in all, a very successful experience.  Ready to return to FL and get going in the Large Ponies.