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Natal & Renick
"El Tigre"

Natal is an amazingly marked brindle stallion imported from Brazil in 2005.

He has come to be Renick's partner this year in the Children's Jumpers He is really fun and we are hoping for a great team to develop.

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Natal with his groom Juan .... 
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Still in need of more conditioning, he should be in the ring for the second half of WEF .... watch for him and Renick ..........
WEF ..... FEI Children's Jumper Qualifier ..... 3 Clean Rounds, 3rd on Saturday tied for 3rd Overall finishing in 6th place.... a great start!

Photo Credit:© 2006 ESI

Photo Credit: ©2006 ESI
Strong and Fit .... 

Photo Credit: ©2006 ESI

Photo Credit: ©2006 ESI
Week 5 .... 3rd, 3rd, and 5th Children's Jumper
Week 6 ..... 2nd and 4th Children's Jumper

Photo Credit: ©2006 ESI

Photo Credit: ©2006 ESI

Look for Renick and Natal on our summer tour ...  HITS in Saugerties, Beacon Hill and Fairfield in June.  KY in July/August.

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